Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On The Edge - A Year In Review (Musings From A Contemplative Mind)

First on the agenda, my deepest apologies for indulging in this hiatus over these last few months. I'm quite sure I've been very busy...doing what, I can't exactly say, but it must have been something EXTREMELY important and time-consuming!! In any case, apologies now expressed, time to move forward!

Well people, here we go...spilling headlong into the second decade of this new millenium and what have we learned? As I stop for a moment and ponder back over the last decade, I have to be honest and admit, not much baby! Well, that's not entirely true, I certainly am guilty of having indulged in vast amounts along the information highway. It just seems the more I've digested, the more I realize just how much I actually don't know. It almost feels like a desperate game of catch-up...trying to grasp and digest this deluge of supposed facts and 'expert' opinions we're constantly being bombarded with but in a moment of clarity, coming to the realization of how much it actually affects our lives spurring us to do the things we do and think the way we think with such zealous appeal.

Many, many things have happened over the course of the last ten years that were quite significant and made a HUGE impact on my life, but then again, in the grand scheme of things, maybe not so much. Looking at my experiences from an outsider's point of view could very well make my mishaps (mishaps...what a pathetic understatement!) appear fairly insignificant when compared to others' sordid affairs (she says with tongue in cheek).

Let's take all this information now that quite often has a tendancy to turn into our hardcore beliefs which then in turn, ends up directing our lives based on those same beliefs (whether they're truth or not), and put it into some kind of context. Which now brings me to my point...perhaps certain situations really and truly are only relative to the one who's experiencing whatever it is one happens to be going through at the time. What appears to be an absolute disaster for one guy may not necessarily be looked upon as such a big deal by another. ( thinks there might actually be a lesson in here somewhere, Martha).

Maybe a situation is not perceived as critical for one individual because their perception of that particular hair-raising experience is already in the bag so to speak, possibly having dealt with it in another time and/or place. Perhaps from a metaphysical perspective (surely you jest!), they've dealt with that 'karma' already and have managed to overcome it. Or for that matter, the 'information' having become belief and of which we so strongly take to heart and make our own, ironically forces us to experience unpleasant situations in order to come to our own conclusions. In essence, coming to a place of what is truth within ourselves and basically, knocking all we've learned from outside sources, out of the water.

I really do feel we're dealing with a number of factors when it comes to how, what, and why we are placed in various situations. But, whatever happens to be the key element that is the driving factor in our experiences, it's absolutely crucial in our development as individuals and as a species. And remember, growth really does begin at the end of our comfort zone!

Now, at the expense of sounding too esoterically-inclined, I do believe there may actually be some truth in the whole 'eye for an eye' concept insofar as what we experience and on what often feels like, a daily basis. Does it sometimes seem as though we're constantly spinning our wheels over the same thing, time and time again? I don't know about you, but I do know I suffer from this malady on certain issues, almost continually. What is that definition for insanity again? Oh yes, it's doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

And that just about sums it up when I say that sometimes I feel I still have a long way to go in not only recognizing but actually addressing, that which I insist on carrying with me even when the load feels excruciatingly heavy. If taking the time to attend to these pesky little issues that don't seem to want to go away, could actually resolve my own karmic ties with said issues, I'm in!

I think that my resolution (blechh! I absolutely detest that term!) on the eve of this new year will be one of surrender and a sincere request for insight and wisdom into what my soul's highest purpose is for me (and let's not forget, who really is just me anyway...). I think I'd be better off setting aside all that oh so very 'important information' that I've been downloading my head with over these last few years and start really paying attention to what my inner voice might be and has been, I'm sure, desperately trying to tell me. I have a strong feeling that I just may be in for a pleasant surprise!

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to All!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Imagine for a moment, having the ability to tap into and experience, an unfamiliar world within our own containing unseen forces. What would that world look like, feel like? It's pretty difficult to try and wrap our conscious reality around the possibility that this world does indeed exist, never mind trying to imagine what it would be like. Given the advances made in that elusive world of quantum physics, science is coming up with plenty of incontrovertible proof that our physical reality is not quite what we think it is.

Unfortunately, our perceptions of what we see around us are completely limited to our five senses. Due to this limitation we tend to discount, when we have what we perceive to be, mystical (certainly not to be taken seriously!) experiences often affecting us in the most profound ways. Having become so entrenched in our beliefs created through societal conditioning within this three dimensional reality, there's not a whole lot of room left for what appears to be a slip into some kind of sublime esoteric world. However, it's precisely this type of experience which often gives meaning to the confusion the majority of us function in, every day.

So, what does all this have to do with energy, you ask? Again, with the recent discoveries being made within the quantum physics field along with the astounding results being achieved in legitimate lab trials conducted in medical test facilities throughout North America, the proof of an extraordinary invisible medium is, 'in the pudding'. Mainstream science has had no other choice but to take a step back and admit to this unseen presence of which could possibly provide a clue to the answers of many theories which up till now, have eluded us. The possible reality of a previously undetectable energy field could potentially neatly tie together, many pieces of a complex puzzle regarding the mysteries of our universe, once and for all.

A number of studies have now been published in both scientific and medical journals describing the results of effectively harnessing this energy within controlled medical environments. One such study was conducted by cardiologist Dr. Randolph Byrd, at San Francisco General Hospital in 1988, lasting over a 10 month period consisting of 393 cardiac patients split into two groups. With the help of a number of volunteers from around the country, one group was provided with normal cardiac treatment along with being sent thoughts of healing energy (or prayer) by the volunteers while the control group received only traditional health care for their condition. At the end of the 10 months, Dr. Byrd had achieved recognition as a pioneer in providing irrefutable evidence showing the positive effects of distant healing in a clinical trial. Substantiated results in his test group showed significant improvement in virtually every area during the recovery period with the patients involved.

So, where does that leave us? As pointed out in my last post, considering the effort needed to break through this barrier of ignorance in a medical community adhered so strictly in the Church of Science, even with the growing evidence, there appears to be little room left to even consider the possibility of not only recognizing but utilizing a mysterious force that is virtually unexplainable. As you can see, this would go completely against the grain of traditional thought as well as posing a serious dilemma for those ensconsed in a purely mainstream medical arena.

Thankfully, we ARE in fact, seeing progress and with mainstream physicians such as Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D., Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D., along with many others, bravely paving the way by publishing the results from their own clinical studies of this mysterious alternative field, I say to them, BRAVO!! They are the pioneers who are opening the door and legitimizing the work of many complementary health practitioners who for years, have been stigmatized and ridiculed for practicing an artform of healing used and written about for centuries. For this reason, my general outlook encompassing any and all areas in complementary medicine is definitely positive anticipating a future in health care that will no doubt, benefit from the blending of all traditions.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

'A SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH' Alternative Medicine Magazine

Ever wondered how the mainstream allopathic medical community can continue to denounce Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) as though there was no legitimacy to it? Granted, with mainstream doctors being so heavily tied to the pharmaceutical industry, it's no wonder it's such a hard stretch for them to even begin thinking outside the box. Thankfully, the tide is finally beginning to turn as Complementary and Alternative health modalities are slowly but surely gaining a stronger foothold within this seemingly impenetrable fortress.

The North American public appears ready and willing, open to the idea of the potential benefits derived from non-traditional health treatment offered by either Complementary or Alternative medicine as reported in a recent Reuters article of Dec. 10, 2008...'About four in 10 U.S. adults and one in nine children are turning to unconventional medical approaches for chronic pain and other health problems, health officials said on Wednesday.' This growing trend is difficult to deny even for the most staunchest of critics. Affordable, non-invasive, little or no side-effects, strikingly effective health treatment... who'da thunk? I can just imagine the ancient adepts and native communities world-wide rolling their eyes right about now...what with our new discovery and all! Honestly, how embarrassing.

This bodes well for those practitioners of complementary and/or alternative health modalities, myself included. As a Certified Practitioner of Quantum Touch® energy healing, I can absolutely attest to the efficacy of this particular healing modality. Like fish in water, we also live within a medium which is invisible to us. Thanks to the advances made in equipment able to take ever more sensitive measurements, modern-day scientists are now able to detect an undeniable and previously unknown (to the supposed 'civilized' world anyway), invisible field apart from the well-known electromagnetic field we've been aware of for quite some time now. This is the energy field of which the health modality known as Quantum Touch®, relies upon to initiate healings that at times, border on the miraculous. I am happy to report, this modality has been receiving wonderful feedback from some of those walking the halls of traditional medicine.

Because we as QT practitioners, must remove ourselves (in other words, our ego) from the equation in order to affect healing, our only job then becomes to connect to this incredible field, direct it towards our client, where it then becomes a vibrational match with the client's own vibrational frequency, having been effectively brought up by the practitioner to match that of the energy coming in. This is the point where cellular change becomes possible. What's extremely interesting to note however, is at times, the client will experience healing on areas that were not actually being worked on! The energy will go to where it is most needed even if the clients themselves are not aware of it. This goes a long way in taking any perceived pressure off the practitioner knowing we are not really doing the healing, we are only the conduit, or the bridge.
This translates to the fact that whether a practitioner has little or no medical knowledge, is completely irrelevant. I know this certainly has come in handy when I've worked with clients suffering from such dibilitating illnesses as cancer or heart disease. Imagine what a relief it is for me to just completely trust that this all-intelligent energy knows where it has to go and what to do so I don't need to! I've got the easy job thanks to this incredible source I'm able to draw from in order to assist others in healing themselves.

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