Busting Loose From the Money Game - Mind-Blowing Strategies For Changing the Rules of A Game You Can't Win – Robert Scheinfeld

If you haven't already read (or heard about) Busting Loose From the Money Game - DO IT! I highly, highly recommend this book - the concepts the author conveys are absolutely paradigm shifting in regards to your relationship with money (and truly, anything else in your life) including all the belief systems you've ever been taught and held staunchly to (including for those trying to live 'The Law of Attraction') in this 'Game' called life. In my opinion,it is by far, in terms of how you'd really like to experience your life, the most compelling and completely myth shattering material. Click on the link below for more information.

Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah – Richard Bach

Having just reread 'Illusions' for the umpteenth time, I felt it really was time to provide my take on it.

The profound messages provided by such an engaging 'messiah', in my opinion, truly deserves more than just a passing glance, given the subtle (almost as an after-thought) mind-blowing little bombshells he drops on Richard. The enigmatic character who is Donald, delivers such compelling (to say the least), out-of-the-box information, it rocks Richard's easygoing world, specifically in his outlook on how he's perceived/believed to be the way life 'works'.

The wisdom handed to us on a platter in this engaging, paradigm-shifting read, is well worth absorbing, coming highly recommended as required reading for anyone wishing to expand their awareness from what I believe to be, a mainly (very) narrow-minded outlook to our 3D reality.

Walking Through Illusion – Betsy Otter Thompson

Betsy Otter Thompson, author and inspiration of this fundamental read has captured the essence of humanity’s most burning questions, or at times, what appears to be almost insurmountable challenges in ‘our daily grind’…she assists the reader in achieving a level of spiritual resonance that can only come from a greater understanding originating from within All That Is.

21 Days To A Changed Life – Evette Gardner

Whether or not you're one of those who has been walking the `Law of Attraction' road for a while through the various mediums available ie., literature, audio, or video, or just simply wondering, "how the heck did I end up in this mess?" knee deep in a life situation that may be much to be desired, READ THIS BOOK! In 21 Days to a Changed Life, Gardner has brilliantly managed to capture the essence of this Universal principle in ways that are not only breathtakingly profound, but at times, literally made me laugh out loud, with the revelation of the ridiculousness of our own belief systems, driven deeply into us either through societal conditioning, or from those closest to us, but more so, a combination of both, which in turn limits, and holds us back from that which we so desire while living this human experience.

The message in this powerful read is both thought-provoking, as well as, mind-expanding, and is a definite must-have in one's tool kit. 21 Days to a Changed Life is an essential guide as you navigate through some of life's most trying situations/events, while it graciously clarifies and provides insight and pointers in dealing with these issues, quickly and effectively, with the potential to change a path that may be less than appealing, to one of highest vibrational alignment attracting only that which brings both peace and joy into your life. Again, this book is time well spent, and I urge everyone who desires to make real and lasting change in their life, to add it to their library.

The Question Journey – Trish Bishop

The strategy behind this beautiful undertaking [The Question Journey] is such that it engages the reader to journey on a path of discovery and truth, calling upon our own innate wisdom to recognize and become aware of that which we may not want to even acknowledge about ourselves. The questions throughout this book are brilliantly thought-provoking yet, in their simplicity, compel the reader to question where, exactly, our limiting beliefs are stemming from. The Question Journey shows us how we've allowed these beliefs to justify our complete absolution from any accountability in how our life is progressing. In asking ourselves these questions, awareness can be gleaned from the potentially destructive thought patterns that have stunted, if not completely ground to a halt, our own evolutionary growth. A definite must-read for those desiring a leap towards their own conscious awakening.

Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success – Multiple Authors

Bravo! Finally, a sales manual that has pulled us out of the dark ages and into the new millennium. This is a must-read for individuals currently working within any given sales field who truly desire to evolve from their conditioned patterns of thought regarding archaic selling techniques.

I highly recommend this refreshing and innovative new book for anyone wanting to achieve mastery as a sales person within this highly competitive market. Gaining new insight from a unique viewpoint by the individual authors sheds important light on how to bring effective change to all sales aspects.

By utilizing the alternative approaches presented in this book, preconceived barriers are broken down replacing old beliefs with new concepts allowing the flow of unlimited success within the new parameters.