The Non-Physical Experience - A Personal Account

Scroll down to the heading, 'Getting There', for a description of my own initial conscious OBE.

To begin, many, many thanks to the following major influences who were instrumental along my journey of self-discovery ~

ROBERT MONROE - The Monroe Institute

Bob Monroe explains levels of human consciousness developed as a concept based on his out-of-body (OBE) experiences and paranormal guidance as a PSI component of astral travel and quantum non-local experiences.


Experiencing the Larger Reality

WILLIAM BUHLMAN - The Out of Body Experience

PAUL ELDER - Eyes of an Angel
STEPHEN LABERGE - Lucid Dreaming (1/10)
RORY MAC SWEENEY - Wake Up In Your Dreams



(Please Note: This exercise will be ongoing with my experiences recorded in subsequent posts as accurately as possible, reporting what I encounter during my out-of-body escapades.)

The following account will describe as clearly as possible, my own experiences as I began my journey into the subtle realms of conscious reality. This account is also being shared in order to give those who are considering, or currently attempting to have their own non-physical experiences, the inspiration to continue - THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE. I was driven to find out for myself what others had done before me, and to bring this state of non-physicality from being strictly a belief, into an actual knowing. For this to happen, I knew it was imperative that it come from an experiential level - nothing less would do.

Although I had been curious of astral projection and OBEs for many years, my interest in the subject was lukewarm, at best. As my understanding grew, so did the urge to explore even deeper into the esoteric realms. Like a constant companion, I carried with me a sense of a 'knowing' that existed tantalizingly close, but like the proverbial carrot dangling frustratingly out of reach, I felt I was missing something that was crucial to my understanding of  'Who Am I, Really??'

With the understanding of how our desires bring forth the sometimes uncanny circumstances which help us to reach them, and with all focus on finding out what exactly makes me tick, I suddenly felt compelled near the end of October, 2011, to dive into everything I could get my hands on in regards to the little-understood phenomenon of the Out-Of-Body Experience. Pioneers such as, Bob Monroe, Tom Campbell, William Buhlman, et al, became my daily companions as I drank in what they had to share. Finally, on May 28th of this year, I became determined to take what I had learned and give it my all, practicing daily, affirmations, visualizations, listening to binaural beats, reading everything on OBEs/lucid dreaming, etc., and including many of these techniques during my daily meditation sessions.

Within days, I became aware of sensations that I was completely unfamiliar with, and had never experienced during my daily sessions. Several times, along with these sensations came a great sense of fear, as I often felt myself being gently touched on certain parts of my body (head, face, arms, feet), hearing voices, a sense of falling, etc. Understanding this to be only a fear of the unknown, I forced myself to continue although many times succumbing to the fear, which quickly stopped these sensations from continuing to whatever their ultimate outcome may have been.  

During the period of June 23rd to the 26th, having finally released the fear factor – knowing this had played a huge part in my failed attempts over the previous month - I definitely knew that something was up, and that my persistence was beginning to pay off (albeit with some frustration along the way!). Experiencing even stronger sensations as I continued my efforts, I was confident that I was now very close to having my first conscious OBE!

On the evening of June 26th, I fell asleep at approximately 1:00 a.m. Sometime later, I suddenly found myself getting up, and standing next to my bed. The room was dark, but I could clearly make out the bed to my left and my dresser along the wall to my right. Directly in front of me, was the basket of laundry alongside the doorway leading into the ensuite - the room laid out exactly as I would expect it to be (note, however, it is not unusual for surroundings during an OBE to be slightly different, i.e., different color wall paint, objects on dressers missing, etc.). As I stood there feeling completely and indisputably awake, I suddenly thought to myself, 'Is this it? Am I out??' With excitement building, I remembered to settle myself down knowing if didn't, I could potentially end up back in my body, the last thing I wanted to have happen. My next thought was, 'How can I know for sure?', then, with a burst of awareness, I suddenly remembered everything I had absorbed during the previous month. The 'Hand Test' immediately came to mind, and as I brought my hands up in front of me, I repeated, 'Please don't let me be awake', several times - convinced I was still in my physical state.

As I moved one hand closer to the other, I remembered that if my one hand didn't go through, I would be awake however, if it passed through the other completely, it would mean I had actually achieved a non-physical state. I actually counted from one to three as my hands moved closer, when on the count of three, I passed my hand completely through - I was out!! All I could think of next was, 'OMG - this is real, this is totally real!!' Not wanting to identify with the form I could see lying on the bed in my peripheral vision (another guaranteed 'slam back in the body' mistake), I walked across my darkened room, stood in front of the door (clearly seeing the bathrobes hanging from the rack on the door), and thought, 'Just step through', which I proceeded to do with no issues, although I noted a feeling of slight tingling as I moved through the door.

Managing to maintain a somewhat calmer level of excitement, I moved down the hallway towards my living room, where the front door is located. As I turned towards it, I felt my surroundings becoming somewhat hazy. Remembering William Buhlman’s technique for this occurrence, I demanded ‘Clarity NOW!’ at which point everything again became crystal clear. Now, standing at the door, I thought again 'Just step through'. A quick aside for a moment, if I may - one thing that I had also learned is that thoughts can manifest very quickly when out of body. I found this out for myself in the next moment. As I began to step through the door, I happened to have a little thought saying to myself, 'it's too thick'. With that, I suddenly couldn't go any further. My left arm was through the door right up to my elbow, with my right arm stuck through to just above the wrist. I berated myself slightly for having the thought, and began pulling my arms back through the door. I noted that it made a kind of sucking sound, like pulling an object through a bowl of jello. I then quickly moved to the large window in the living room, and said, 'Just Go!' as I quickly and easily jumped through with the thought to move upwards, which I immediately found myself doing.

I hovered just above the tree line looking down on the houses below. The complete feeling of freedom I felt, unrestricted by the heaviness of the physical, was truly beyond words. The sense of elation, invincibility, and the truth of my 'bigness' in relation to my day-to-day physical self, was overwhelming. As I basked in 'my truth', I thought, 'Where should I go?' The intention I had been repeating while practicing all those weeks, was that I wanted to fly. Well, I was clearly doing that, so now - where to go? I decided I would go to my sister's house who lives less than five minutes away (I know, I know, pretty boring, but one step at a time - just being out was incredible enough!). As I headed off in that direction, I felt completely over-the-top with excitement and joy, when, without a single change in consciousness, I found myself opening my physical eyes, lying in my bed. I had very much wanted to prolong the experience, but realized not keeping on top of controlling my excitement during the event, bumped me back into the physical. The disappointment didn't last long, however, since I was absolutely thrilled with what I had accomplished!

Elated, I jumped out of bed, unable to sleep for the next two hours. I was feeling extremely pleased with what I had managed to achieve having worked so diligently on over the past month - determined to have my own experience, no matter what. My mind was full of the endless possibilities of what I could now experience on my own, exploring and gathering information and knowledge from levels within the Universal Consciousness, far beyond the limits of my everyday physical existence.

I feel privileged to share the beginning of this new journey with others as I explore these deeper realms for myself. The same wonders await those of us having the desire to question and explore beyond what we've been led to believe, or what society has deemed to be the 'truth'. Here's a little analogy I recently came across: 3 aliens visit Earth for the first time. One lands in the Sahara, one in Manhattan, and one in the Himalayas. When reporting back on their own planet, each provides an accurate description of Earth, but viewed from their own perspective. As with the analogy, these non-physical explorations will prove to be unique for each person, with the similarities only in what we might experience during the actual transition from a physical, to an out-of-body state, along with a general idea of the various awareness/non-physical levels we find ourselves in. But again, the discoveries made on this quest will be as individual as each one of us.

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