Sunday, April 5, 2009

'A SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH' Alternative Medicine Magazine

Ever wondered how the mainstream allopathic medical community can continue to denounce Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) as though there was no legitimacy to it? Granted, with mainstream doctors being so heavily tied to the pharmaceutical industry, it's no wonder it's such a hard stretch for them to even begin thinking outside the box. Thankfully, the tide is finally beginning to turn as Complementary and Alternative health modalities are slowly but surely gaining a stronger foothold within this seemingly impenetrable fortress.

The North American public appears ready and willing, open to the idea of the potential benefits derived from non-traditional health treatment offered by either Complementary or Alternative medicine as reported in a recent Reuters article of Dec. 10, 2008...'About four in 10 U.S. adults and one in nine children are turning to unconventional medical approaches for chronic pain and other health problems, health officials said on Wednesday.' This growing trend is difficult to deny even for the most staunchest of critics. Affordable, non-invasive, little or no side-effects, strikingly effective health treatment... who'da thunk? I can just imagine the ancient adepts and native communities world-wide rolling their eyes right about now...what with our new discovery and all! Honestly, how embarrassing.

This bodes well for those practitioners of complementary and/or alternative health modalities, myself included. As a Certified Practitioner of Quantum Touch® energy healing, I can absolutely attest to the efficacy of this particular healing modality. Like fish in water, we also live within a medium which is invisible to us. Thanks to the advances made in equipment able to take ever more sensitive measurements, modern-day scientists are now able to detect an undeniable and previously unknown (to the supposed 'civilized' world anyway), invisible field apart from the well-known electromagnetic field we've been aware of for quite some time now. This is the energy field of which the health modality known as Quantum Touch®, relies upon to initiate healings that at times, border on the miraculous. I am happy to report, this modality has been receiving wonderful feedback from some of those walking the halls of traditional medicine.

Because we as QT practitioners, must remove ourselves (in other words, our ego) from the equation in order to affect healing, our only job then becomes to connect to this incredible field, direct it towards our client, where it then becomes a vibrational match with the client's own vibrational frequency, having been effectively brought up by the practitioner to match that of the energy coming in. This is the point where cellular change becomes possible. What's extremely interesting to note however, is at times, the client will experience healing on areas that were not actually being worked on! The energy will go to where it is most needed even if the clients themselves are not aware of it. This goes a long way in taking any perceived pressure off the practitioner knowing we are not really doing the healing, we are only the conduit, or the bridge.
This translates to the fact that whether a practitioner has little or no medical knowledge, is completely irrelevant. I know this certainly has come in handy when I've worked with clients suffering from such dibilitating illnesses as cancer or heart disease. Imagine what a relief it is for me to just completely trust that this all-intelligent energy knows where it has to go and what to do so I don't need to! I've got the easy job thanks to this incredible source I'm able to draw from in order to assist others in healing themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making it all so clear for me. I am beginning to understand energy fields. I liked your analogy to fish in water.