Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Further to the post included below, regarding the discussion on meditation between Peter Russell and Eckhart Tolle, I found Peter's 'no technique' explanation very similar in how I experienced an extremely strong emotion the other day. Feeling a tremendous surge of anger due to the actions of another person, I suddenly, in the midst of feeling all this emotion, decided to let go of the story, and dive right into the actual feeling of it with no judgement, just observing as it flowed thru my body. It was truly a cathartic experience in that, to my total surprise, this supposedly 'negative' feeling just naturally left my body in a very short period of time, much less than, I'm convinced, would have had I continued to buy into the story, in addition to laying judgement of how I shouldn't be feeling this way. 

This experience was beyond liberating, and I realized that the old adage 'What you resist, persists' is a truly telling statement - one that if sincerely practiced, can have a HUGE impact on our own personal evolutionary development as we traverse through this physical sojourn.

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