Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Collecting Enough Mass by Bernadette McCormack (May '08)

Beautiful poem written by my beautiful artistic sister, Bernadette ~ 

I’ve been collecting enough mass to start shining
I’m standing outside myself, watching me gather flame, fame
I take an idea from the universe
Create it into something tangible, concrete, lovable, real
Something they can see
Something they can touch
And they love it,
And they love me for creating it.

They give me their love
Disguised as money
I take it
Feed my children
I love them for it
I love the universe for giving it to me
In the FIRST place

An energy wheel is created
A connection is connected
Loose wires
Now joined
A broken line repaired

God spits us out as individuals
And then says, “Now go find each other,
The rules of the game are simple,
Collect as many as you can.”

As I gather a crowd
They gather each other
And we buzz
To gather
Each other

I’ve been collecting enough mass to start shining
Soon I will be a star

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